Wei Fu                                                                    

My work is in applied econometrics, health economics, and labor economics. Specifically, my research aims to assess the effects of public policies, such as unemployment insurance, food stamp programs, and vaccination policies, on individual's health behavior and labor market outcomes, with a substantive focus on disadvantaged populations.

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Recent Revise-and-Resubmits

Migration Control Policy and Parent-Child Separation among Migrant Families: Evidence from China”, with Yuanyuan Chen. Resubmitted to the Journal of Population Economics.

“A Single Dose For Me, A Wealth of Protection For Us: The Public Health Cost of Individualism in the Rollout of COVID-19 Vaccine”, with Shin-Yi Chou, and Li-San Wang. Resubmitted to Social Science & Medicine.

State Vaccination Policies, Delayed Care, and Health Expenditures”, with Erkmen G. Aslim, Chia-Lun Liu, and Erdal Tekin. NBER Working Paper No. 30139. [Presentation Slides, Thread, Podcast Episode]. Revision Requested by the Economic Journal.

“NIH Grant Expansion and Scientific Discovery”, with Shin-Yi Chou, and Li-San Wang. Revision Requested by Communications Biology.

“Sharing Benefits Not Risks? Estimating Household Sharing Behaviors Using Two Quasi-Natural Experiments in China”, with Shin-Yi Chou and Cheng Chen. Revision Requested by Economic Development and Cultural Change.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Mental Distress Among Female Individuals of Reproductive Age and Reported Barriers to Legal Abortion Following the US Supreme Court Decision to Overturn Roe v Wade”, with Dhaval Dave, and Muzhe Yang, 2023. JAMA Network Open 6(3):e234509.[Media: Salon, Healio]

Unemployment Benefits, Food Insecurity, and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Spending”, with Chen Huang and Feng Liu, 2023. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 105(2):479-502. [Supplemental Material]

Unemployment Insurance and Cigarette Smoking”, with Feng Liu, 2019. Journal of Health Economics 63:34-51.

Alzheimer’s Disease Variant Portal (ADVP): A Catalog of Genetic Findings for Alzheimer’s Disease”, with Pavel P. Kuksa, Chia-Lun Liu, Liming Qu, Yi Zhao, Zivadin Katanic, Amanda B Kuzma, Pei-Chuan Ho, Kai-Teh Tzeng, Otto Valladares, Shin-Yi Chou, Adam C Naj, Gerard D Schellenberg, Yuk Yee Leung, and Li-San Wang, 2022. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. 86(1):461-477. [Co-fisrt author, MedRxiv, ADVP Catalog, BlogPost]

Reconcile the Debate Over Protective Effects of BCG Vaccine against COVID-19”, with Pei-Chuan Ho, Chia-Lun Liu, Kai-Teh Tzeng, Nawar Nayeem, Jonni S. Moore, Li-San Wang, and Shin-Yi Chou, 2021. Scientific Reports 11(1):1-9. [First author]

Active Research

Working Papers

From Syringes to Dishes: Improving Food Security through Vaccination”, with Erkmen G. Aslim, Erdal Tekin, and Shijun You, 2023. NBER Working Paper No. 31045, IZA Discussion Paper No. 16009.

NIH Grant Expansion, Ancestral Diversity and Scientific Discovery in Genomics Research”, with Shin-Yi Chou, and Li-San Wang, 2022. NBER Working Paper No. 30155. [Presentation Slides, Manuscript Version September 2022, Appendix A]

The Interplay of Extraversion Genes and Childhood Environment in Occupational Sorting”, with Shin-Yi Chou, Li-San Wang, Chia-Lun Liu, and Pei-Chuan Ho, 2022.

Culture, Policy Obedience, and Virus Spread: Evidence from The Anti-COVID Efforts in The United States”, with Cheng Chen, Ying-Min Kuo, and Yuanting Wu, 2022. 

“The Prediction of Alzheimer’s Disease through Multi-Trait Genetic Modeling”, with Shin-Yi Chou, Li-San Wang, Jung-Ying Tzeng, Wan-Ping Lee, Kaylyn Clark, Chia-Lun Liu, and Pei-Chuan Ho, 2022.

“Technology Development, Labor Migration and Family Integration: Evidence from China’s High-Speed Railway Development”, with Hui Cao and Shin-Yi Chou, 2018.

Other Publications in Peer-Reviewed Chinese Journals

“Migration Control Policy in Megalopolis, School Enrollment Requirement and Children Left-behind” (特大城市人口调控政策、入学门槛与儿童留守), with Yuanyuan Chen, 2023. China Economic Quarterly (经济学(季刊)) 23(1): 91-107.

“Land Transfer Right, Rural-to-Urban Migration and Agricultural Production” (土地承包经营权流转、劳动力流动与农业生产), with Yuanyuan Chen, 2017. Management World (管理世界) 11:79-93.
Award: The Shanghai 14th Philosophy and Social Science Excellent Academic Achievement Award, 2nd Prize (with Yuanyuan Chen), Shanghai, 2018.

“Purchased by Government or Provided by Family? Estimating the Substitution Effects of Informal Care” (政府购买还是家庭照料? 基于家庭照料替代效应的实证分析) with Feng Huang, 2017. Nankai Economic Studies (南开经济研究) 1:136-152.

“Ecological Footprint Analysis of the China’s International Trade” (中国进出口贸易内涵自然资本的生态足迹分析) with Zhaohua Li, 2013. China Industrial Economics (中国工业经济) 9:5-18.